Handyman and Lawn Care you can count on

Do you have one of those ever growing list’s that doesn’t seem to end?

Sometimes it’s difficult to balance life’s demanding schedule along with home and yard maintenance. I know it has been difficult for me with my family.

If so, you have found the right handyman!

Hello, I’m Kelly Brightbill – professional handyman and yard care expert. I am the owner of Gulf Coast Small Jobs. I am here to help busy professionals, single moms, widowers, and those with active family lives ease the burden of home ownership. Repairing and maintaining your property to keep it at its best.

Whether you need a faucet replaced, ceiling fan hung, batteries replaced in detectors, or a list of random repairs around the house – I have a wide range of skills and I’d be happy to help you.

I’m licensed, insured, and ready to take care of your home or investment property – so you can sit back and enjoy it.


My Story

How did I become your handyman?  Why did I choose to do home repair, with lawn and garden care?  For me this all started many years ago with the desire to own my own business.repair man

For the past 3 years I had been dragging myself into different health care facilities  to work as a CAT scan technologist. While I was good at my job, a job which I had done for about twenty-three years.  I just wasn’t feeling the same satisfaction that I once felt early in my career. I no longer had the time to spend with my patients also known as customers that I once had. Early in my career there was time to get to know them, to build that trusting relationship. 

In my new career I will build those relationships.

I like to say that the  Handyman Services and Lawn Care profession chose me.  Which is the way I believe it should be when beginning a business. Find something you enjoy doing, then it will not become a chore.

 I love working with my hands, fixing, repairing things, and the satisfaction that comes along with this. The handyman and lawn care business fit this to a “T”. 

A couple of skills that i will be bringing with me from my previous career are attention to detail.  Excellent communication skills with great customer service skills.

I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people and talking to them.  A part of my previous job I will miss, but a part of my new career that I will be able to expound upon. All the years working in my previous field were  excellent training for how to treat people and anticipate their needs.

I look forward to meeting you and working for you.


 I can save you money, time, and reduce stress in your life

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone you could call that you could trust.  Someone who would care for your home and property as if it were there own.

Someone you could have in your home even when you were not there, that was pet friendly. Someone that had your best interests in mind. When you call me, that is just what you will get.

I will save you money by doing it right with a warranty. You will not have to make countless trips to the store for things you might not need. I will save you time because you will not have to schedule time to do these chores. I can reduce stress in your life by not having to worry about those repairs. Maybe I could reduce some of those arguments between spouses about their ability to do said jobs and when they will get done. 

When you need something done – just give me a call.  If its beyond my ability I will recommend someone that is responsible and can do the job.